Today, while making my way home at a snail pace due to LA traffic, I listened to Tom Leykis. My fascination with Leykis can be likened to my fascination with articles/shows about killers, molesters, celebrity gossip, and advice columns. All of which entertain in some sick way, but leave your stomach hurting and your heart crying out “Is there any hope for humanity?”

Well today, I nearley had to pull over… Leykis said, in referring to women, “Come on man, they aren’t human, they’re just sperm recepticles.” The insolent moron on the phone with him AGREED (of course). Then, they continued on in their conversation as though nothing of consequence had happened. Leykis was NOT kidding. Neither was the fool who agreed.

Millions of people listen to this. Millions of people call Tom “Dad.” Millions of people follow his rules. Pour tabasco sauce into used condoms. Shun love in preparing for a long selfish trip through life only to end up in convalescent homes cared for by nurses who think they smell and visited by volunteers who read them bible verses! At least the health care business will continue to boom (and the bible business too, I’m sure). But what of family? What of society? Tom’s manifesto could very well be the drunk and stoned version of “Brave New World.” Actually, to make that comparison would gravely insult Aldous Huxley. Tom is better likened to Osama.

I think I’m going to move to Tibet and make soup for the monks. Excuse me while I book my ticket then weap for my generation and those who come after me.

TOM LOVER’s COMMENT: “Such a moron…” blah blah blah. Everything Tom philosophizes about is accurate and you yentas just prove it on a regular basis. Tom speaks to men about what they are doing wrong in their lives and how to find their own personal happiness. Is it at the expense of women? Most of the time, yes. Is it the guy’s problem that it makes women feel bad? No. When you apply for a job at McDonalds or wherever you feel you fit in, and you get turned down because someone else is more qualified based on the criteria that the job entails, who’s fault is that? The company, because YOU weren’t what they were looking for? If looking at it from that perspective makes you feel better about yourself, then right there you are proving Tom’s point. You’re always going to “blame” someone else for your own shortcomings. And you then you trashtalk guys for wanting women that meet their criteria, which is obviously not you. Until the day that women can prove that men truly need their “companionship,” you will just be a warm place to put it. What could a woman possibly have to offer a guy that truly does not revolve around sex? 

My comment: Yentas? Lol! Ah the hilarity…

I think that as long as people like you continue to call women, “places to put it,” women will continue to file 70 % of divorces, men will continue to commit the majority of sex related crime (according to the Center for Sex Offender Management), and people in general will continue to seek solace from a radio show host they call Dad, insead of from the men who were too pussy to raise them.


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