In it for life.

In it for life.

I want to be dipped in

your salty emotion

the ocean of your happy tears I want to taste

taste until my mouth’s so dry you’ll let me drink you up

let me sip your desires


and sip

and sip

from the big round cup of your re-occurring dreams

until I sip you so silly

you beg me to take a gulp

I want to be thirsty no more

but out of breath

so that when I inhale

I still smell your quirks

your laughter

your candle lit eyes that glow in the dark

a cat’s mischief chasing its cliche tale

past the nine lives of love

I want to meet you

alone on a message in the bottle beach

lust tendrils urged across my face by romantic wind

there only for you to push from my eyelashes

with kisses

near misses that have us falling into sand

making friends with hermit crabs

I want to be in it again


NOTE: I wrote this on October 4, 2004. I was a lust and love hungry 24 year-old who loved to write about it.

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