TDM Venice

Co-owner of TDM Venice shows us how it’s done.

If you’ve visited this blog before you’ll know that I am a barre addict. I have seen isometric barre based exercises transform my body and help me to master the one thing I never thought possible, a man style push-up! All while maintaining a feminine and lean physique. One of my favorite variations of this challenging, but effective workout is The Dailey Method (TDM).

I’ll be the first to admit that the strength and flexibility of barre teachers and fellow students can be intimidating. You might think you’ll never look as good or be as strong as they are, but you’re wrong! You CAN have the booty and belly of your dreams. To inspire you, I spoke with Tenaya Figueira, the co-owner of TDM in beautiful Venice, California to find out more about what TDM can do for you, what to remember when you’re first starting out, and what to do if there’s no TDM studio in your area.

What is your advice for someone who’s new to The Dailey Method? That first class can be so scary!

“Come in to have fun – with that attitude you can’t go wrong. I went to my first barre class with a  girlfriend and we were giggling the entire time because we couldn’t do anything. And, while we didn’t get the full benefit of the workout in that first class, we had a great time and came back that same week. 6 years later here I am!!”

 What are some of the changes TDM clients can expect to see in their bodies?

“Oh wow, everything. Right away you’ll notice your arms, abdominals and butt getting more toned. We have a client that’s lost 2 inches on her thighs and waist in just 1 month. The total body transformation happens somewhere around 6 months….everything will get tighter and the seat lifts. You’ll lose fat and replace it with lean muscle. I also see people’s posture improving significantly. Our focus on neutral spine helps develop muscles that naturally draw the shoulder blades down the back and open the chest. And posture is everything!!”

Do you think TDM can help a person lose weight?

“Absolutely. The method increases the metabolic rate by targeting the large muscle groups. It also fatigues most of the smaller muscle groups which help to tone the body after you burn off the fat.”

How many classes a week does it take to see real results?

“3 but 4 is better.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to try TDM or other barre DVDs at home? Until TDM studios take over the world, DVDs are the only barre access for some.

DVDs are great if you don’t have access to take a class. Turn off your phone or at least silence it. Try to pretend you’re actually in class and push yourself!

For home, is there a special barre height recommended for those who ditch the back of chair in favor of a portable barre?

It should be around your navel but a few inches higher or lower is fine

Any parting wisdom you’d like to share about TDM, health and wellness, or life in general?

I always tell people to do what they love. Your workout should be an enjoyable part of your day! If you enjoy TDM give it a few months – ideally 6. I promise you’ll see results you like.

Now, you’ve heard it from the barre expert’s mouth! Get yourself to the nearest TDM studio or order their DVD now (featured below).

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