Blogging for Endo!

Blogging for Endo!

To further spread the word about the dreadful, fertility attacking disease endometriosis, I wrote a guest post for the popular Los Angeles blog,

Here’s an excerpt from the blog:

“Three months after getting my period at age 12, I remember feeling that twisting nauseating pain for the first time. With it, came waves of heat over my entire body so that I was sitting there in my elementary school desk chair sweating, panting in agony, my fresh white thighs stuck together uncomfortably under a plaid uniform skirt. Thank God for the teacher, a brick house of a nun, habit and all. She noticed that something wasn’t right (I’m sure the tortured animal look on my face quickly clued her in). She sent me to the nurse’s office where my mother was called to come claim me. I writhed and moaned the entire ride home, but finally found relief when my body shut down, falling asleep in an Ibuprofen haze, exhausted from it all.”

Read my endo story here. Tomorrow they’ll publish a post I wrote about how I’ve learned to cope.

With only the rest of the week left of Endometriosis Awareness month, how are you spreading the word?

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