At 5 weeks 5 days pregnant, I have very few pregnancy symptoms and it worries me. Shouldn’t I have food aversions by now? Cravings? Nausea? Bone crushing fatigue? Before I missed my period I felt like crap, but as soon as I got that BFP it was like all signs of life inside me disappeared. Since then I’ve had three bloods tests and an ultrasound. So far so good. BUT that hasn’t stopped me from obsessively Googling into the wee hours of the night (insomnia is one symptom I AM having).

Many say that the sicker you are the healthier the pregnancy. The body attempts to protect the fetus by repelling certain foods etc. But yet message boards all across the globe reveal women touting nausea free pregnancies that result in healthy babies. And perhaps it’s still too early. Perhaps my neurosis is premature. Perhaps nausea and vomiting and aversions are just days away.

Nonetheless, I found this study on PubMed that said “There were no major malformations among offspring of 130 women not experiencing NVP (nausea and vomiting of pregnancy). There were two major malformations among 246 women experiencing NVP.” Read the abstract here if you’re interested in learning more.

Are you pregnant or have you been pregnant? If you got nausea, when did it kick in? 

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