My RE just called and said they got the results back from my most recent AMH test. Though she thinks there may have been an error, the number was 0.6 which is consistent with the ovarian reserve of a 41 year old (I’m 32)! My last AMH test less than a year ago was 1.7 (close to perfect for my age). So either my follicle count lies (something like 7 on the left and 11 on the right), there WAS a lab error, or my journey is over. ARGH! With an AMH like that they typically won’t even do IVF!

So now I leave my house during rush hour to drive miles across Los Angeles to get my AMH retested. Annoying? Yes, VERY. But totally worth it to hopefully find out I do have some eggs left. I’m nervous and scared and very frustrated.

Sometimes I can’t believe this is my life.

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