I’m happy to report that my AMH result of 0.6 WAS a mistake after all. As of today, my AMH is 1.35. While not perfect (ideal for a 32/33 is between 1.7-1.8), my level will do. For now. I’m still a little concerned about the abrupt shift (10 months ago it was 1.72), but the human body, especially when it comes to reproduction, becomes more a mystery everyday. And I’m not the only one concerned. I could detect a subtle warning in my RE’s tone that I probably should get this process moving, meaning jump onto the old IVF train sooner rather than later. There is that pig flying possibility that this IUI could miraculously be successful, but I’m not holding my breath.

As for this IUI, I’m 5-days into stims and had my first ultrasound this morning. I have three follicles around 14 mm, and one at 17 mm. My RE left a message saying they’re quite happy with my response, that I should coast tomorrow (no meds), start using OPKs (eh, I thought these weren’t required for IUI! Doh!), and baby dance daily starting now. We’ll be visiting the clinic bright and early on Sunday morning for a status check.

With  no side affects to speak of, I’m SO happy I decided to do this injectable IUI cycle before IVF. I’m now comfortable with the injections and the process seems a little less scary. If this doesn’t work, and it probably won’t , I’m ready for what comes next. More ready than I’ve ever been to conceive my future child in a lab.

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