So we did it! We had our first IUI on Sunday at 9:45 AM. I had four mature follicles and my surge began the day before so my RE felt that Sunday was a “good day to fertilize.” Yes, she actually said that. She’s an adorable little Tory Burch wearing Chinese woman who I think I’d be friends with in different circumstances.

While I’m not particularly optimistic that I did indeed “fertilize” as she so eloquently put it, we did get some excellent news. Merp’s swimmers were 65% motile before the wash. After the wash 80% were ready to rock! She called these results “exemplary.” Alleluia! Ten months of Proxceed twice daily, less drinking, absolutely no social smoking of any kind, no bike riding, no hot tub and more veggies have paid off! We’ve gone from 5% rapidly progressive swimmers in our first SA, to 17% in our second, and now 65%! Owww owww! If this isn’t a testament to the benefits of lifestyle changes I don’t know what is.

So here I am, bracing myself for what happens next. Our RE said that with the increased estrogen production etc. Merp might need a helmet to protect himself from my worse than normal PMS. Yes she actually said that. Just what I need, a bunch of fake pregnancy symptoms during the two-week wait to drive me absolutely batty with false hope.

Because of other developments in my professional life (more on those later), last night I couldn’t sleep. So I did what any restless subfertile would do. I googled Jon & Kate Plus 8. I was curious how the heck she ended up with 8 babies. Was it IUI? IVF? A miracle?

Kate conceived 8 children though IUI. Like me she had 4 mature follicles. Now I’m not saying I’m destined for 9-months of bed rest and reality stardom. What I am saying, however, is that if the Universe can give her 8 babies, certainly it can give me one.



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