I’m going to keep this short because I’m prepping for my job interview as if it were the California Bar Exam. So, here are the results from yesterday’s Beta.

Bhcg: 224

Progesterone: 45

Estradiol: 259

TSH: 2.51

I am THRILLED with that progesterone number because as I mentioned in my last post I stopped supplementation at 7dpiui. However, I did use one insert the night before the test, the day I got those magical 2-lines, so perhaps that can account for my healthy-ish number. Last time, my first beta revealed a progesterone level of just 14, so of course I’m hoping this result is a good sign. Hoping and praying, but also trying not to think about it! Hardest thing ever.

On another note, I think my Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor is psychic. At my last appointment, BEFORE I knew I was pregnant, I asked her for two weeks worth of my regular herbs. She refused. She said, “In case you are pregnant I want you to have the pregnancy supporting brew.”

“I’m not pregnant,” I sniped a few times before she shut me up with a needle in the forehead.

When I called on Saturday to ask for those supporting herbs she spoke of she said, “I already gave them to you!”

She had replaced my regular formula with supporting herbs because she “just knew.”

WEIRDVILLE, USA people. My acupuncturist is also a fortune teller, apparently.

In other news, my boobs have lost all soreness and other than being fuzzy brained, tired, and hungrier than usual I got nothing. I would kill for sore breasts and nausea. KILL.

What about my newly pregnant sisters in anxiety out there…. Anything? Nausea? Breast Tenderness? Whatcha got?

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