Elvis is wrong! Girl's are amazing!!!! :)

Is that they are totally amazing!!!! 🙂 And any trouble is totally worth it.


My MaterniT 21 results FINALLY came back NEGATIVE for all trisomies! Amen and hallelujah! Though I’m definitely in celebration mode, I’m also aware that 1. MaterniT 21 doesn’t test for issues that may show up in the anatomy scan at 20 weeks, 2. cannot take the place of a CVS, and 3. is only 97% accurate in predicting female gender.

Regardless, I am in a very happy shock-like state. The perinatologist guessed boy, as did the Baby Center ultrasound guru, as did a family friend and a neighbor. This WAS an 11 week 1 day picture they were analyzing, but it still makes me a little worried that I got a false girl result (gotta fit the worry in somewhere, right!?). Either way, I mean it when I say I just want a healthy baby. Between the pain of infertility and miscarriage, I just feel so f’ing fortunate to have made it this far. I hope I never forget where I came from.

Of course I have more to fill you in on, like what having a girl means to me, like how I’m terrified of therapy tomorrow because my new therapist is kind of, shall we say, abrasive, and like how at 13 weeks today I am STILL throwing up. But I’ll save all that for another post (try not to fall out of your seat with anticipation).

For now I have a question (or ten). I’d like to do one of those cheesy Facebook announcements incorporating two things: my dogs (my first babies forever), and my struggle. I want to give a gentle nod to infertility. But how? Any ideas? Also, I need to spend some serious time googling how people make their pictures look so cool by adding elegant cursive writing over them etc.. I don’t have Photoshop or illustrator (nor do I have anything beyond basic skills to use them). I so wish I had taken graphic design classes instead of all those useless psychology masters courses. Le sigh. There’s gotta be some web-based program out there, right?

What are YOUR thoughts on pregnancy announcements via Facebook (I know they probably bug the s out of you if you’re still in the infertility trenches)? Have you seen anyone allude to their struggle with fertility in them? Any creative ideas you’re just dying to share with me for how I can incorporate dogs, struggles, and joy?

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