Recently, one of my favorite bloggers posted about some of her pregnancy symptoms and cures. One such symptom was the all too common constipation. Since we’re at about the same point in our pregnancies, I took note of this admission, especially because I have been experiencing the EXACT OPPOSITE. I poop at least twice a day, guys… AT LEAST… this is FAR more than I ever did pre-pregnancy. Then, that same day I read Daryl’s post about constipation and other pregnancy symptoms, my closest friend from childhood, another IFer who suffers from PCOS and who just delivered her first baby, sent me a link to an article about the horrors of the first post birth poo. Yikes. And gross. And totally hilarious. Be brave and read it for yourself.

So, as I was sitting here about to start the last hour of my torts lecture (ah bar exam studying) while also sipping on a fresh cup of Roobois tea, I decided to google said tea to remind myself yet again that it’s safe for us carrying bebes. I’ve already googled it, about 4 months ago, but my brain is filled with defamation and common law battery and poo articles, not useless tea knowledge, so alas I got to procrastinating, ahem, googling. Well this is what I found:

“Research by Japanese scientists has shown Rooibos tea to have beneficial effects relating to constipation, liver function, blood sugar levels, skin diseases, depression and anxiety. This tea may also have other stomach and indigestion benefits, possibly relieving nausea, vomiting, and heartburn.”

Could that be the mysterious ingredient that has turned me into a pooping pregnant freak? One who defies the laws of pregnancy? I DO drink it every single day. If I had all the money in the world I think I’d conduct scientific studies on weird things like Rooibos tea and pregnancy just for fun. But since I don’t, I’ll poll the audience. Have any of you ladies experienced better bowel movements during pregnancy, bucking the constipation trend? If so did you too drink Rooibos tea? This procrastinating law studier is dying to know all about your pre and post pregnancy doodies (See, I’m already practicing for motherhood).

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