Dates: They kind of look like roach bodies, but they're pretty darn delicious!

Dates: They kind of look like roach bodies, but they’re pretty darn delicious!

First of all, who goes on a job interview at 9-months pregnant? Crazy me apparently. While I haven’t been looking for jobs seriously AT ALL, I do occasionally browse Craig’s List to see what’s out there, especially in my new area. Last week I found an intriguing listing for a legal investigator position, basically a private-i that helps attorneys exclusively locate and prepare witnesses for trial. The firm I interviewed with also does surveillance and jury profiles. After two years, I’d be asked to become a licensed private investigator. How totally freaking COOL! Talk about a job that would never get boring. Clearly they are aware that I am ready to pop (I warned them before I went in for the interview, which they appreciated) and wouldn’t be able to start for a few months, but nonetheless I have my second interview with the big boss tomorrow. Between my forensic psychology masters classes and law degree, I can truly think of no better job. Fingers crossed that I DO get it, but that they are fine with a very delayed start time (ideally 12 to 16 weeks from now).

Second, I could quite literally go into labor ANY minute. I am 39 weeks 1 day pregnant. My due date, April 9, looms like a much needed California rain cloud. The anticipation is the worst part, guys. I’ve decided it’s best not to dwell too much on how I have no idea WHEN and HOW it’s going to happen. I am terrified, excited, and this weird combination of anxious and calm. My bags are packed, the house is prepared, so now I need my mind to catch up with the idea that I’m finally going to be a mommy!

Speaking of preparations, here’s what I’m doing to prepare for labor (thanks MLACS for the suggestion to include this in my next post), if you really can prepare for such a thing:

1. Dates, date, and more dates (I may have already mentioned this, but can’t remember!). Since about 34 weeks I’ve been a date eating machine. Word on the street is that they increase the body’s production of oxytocin preventing the need for pitocin, while speeding up labor and dilation. Here’s the study if you’re interested: The effect of late pregnancy consumption of dates. I’ve been sprinkling chopped dates on my cereal each morning and eating at least three whole after dinner. Today and going forward, I’ll aim to eat at least six as the study prescribes. Since they are so high in sugar, I’m making an effort not to consume sugar from any other source since pregnancy weight gain has been entirely too easy for me (up 42 lbs. as of last visit). Interestingly, I ran out of dates last week for about three days and noticed in that time far less boob leakage which makes me think that there’s something to this whole date fruits = more oxytocin in the body thing.

2. Raspberry leaf tea. I don’t particularly care for it, but I’m making a point to drink it whenever I remember. I wish it were espresso mocha yummy coffee flavored, but alas…

3. Walking/exercise. Last week I did two barre videos with modifications (I can’t believe how GOOD these videos felt after not doing them since the second tri). Barre classes are great for pregnancy because they incorporate stretching, pelvic tilts and squats. Interestingly, I actually lost a pound at last week’s weigh in without changing my eating habits and wonder if just two days of moderate strength training helped. I also walk daily for at least 30-minutes with my two spoiled dogs. Supposedly walking helps keep the hips open, as does pulling my now rather large body (I weigh 191 lbs.!) up our stairs several times a day.

4. Birth ball bouncing. At the suggestion of my doula, I purchased a birth ball for labor. I have been gently rotating my hips on it when I remember to. Unfortunately the ball I purchased is a little too small. Your hips are supposed to be in line with your knees (according to Spinning Babies) and mine are not. Regardless, the ball has been great for stretching.

5. Visualization. Starting a few days ago, I’ve been spending a few minutes daily visualizing a productive and easy labor. I picture myself pushing Daphne into this world, her perfect head sliding easily through the birth canal. Since this concept is SO totally bizarre and foreign to me, it’s a little difficult at first, but I’m getting better at it! I used to visualize a healthy sperm meeting a healthy egg when I was TTC and laying on the acupuncture table, now here we are, 39 weeks later. I have no proof that it works, really, since I was throwing the kitchen sink at TTC, but it certainly can’t hurt.

I’d like to add perineum massage to this list, but I’ve been really bad about doing that. Maybe I can just visualize a perfectly intact post birth vajayjay and magical things will happen. A girl can dream.

With all that said, this may be my last post before my baby girl is born. Holy bat balls the miracle of birth and motherhood is almost upon me! Gods, Goddesses, fellow bloggers and friends, I pray this major life event goes as smoothly as it can for the health of me and my bambino!

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