After two weeks of traveling, we’re back home. And it’s great.

Although Daphne did absolutely amazing on both flights to and from Hawaii, and only had two over-tired meltdowns there, our road trips up North and back weren’t as peaceful. First of all, put anyone in the car for 5-hours and they start to get irritated, let alone a 3-month old baby in her sardine can car seat. On the way to Carmel Valley she slept almost the entire time thanks to jet lag. But on the way to the Sierras we had to stop frequently for stretch breaks, then even more frequently on the way home. A pit stop at a friend’s in Sacramento was wonderful, but had Daphne up for a 3-hour stretch, far longer than she is ever kept awake. The result: a stress inducing baby breakdown that made us pull over before exiting the residential neighborhood we had visited. People were peaking their heads out of houses, Daphne was crying that hard. It was truly her most tortured sounding crying spell of her entire young life. The take-away: My baby needs her sleep. She is indeed a very easy baby if and only if she sleeps enough. Just like her momma.

As for the trip to Hawaii, I am still marveling at how absolutely amazing she did. Here’s what helped:

1. Brest Friend Nursing pillow: This was awesome. She nursed on it, slept on it, had airplane tummy time on it, and practiced standing up on it, smiling at people in the row behind us (soooo cute!).

2. A Cry Kit just in case: I put little notes in baggies with ear plugs and tootsie pops for the passengers around us. Save some typical fussing, the ear plugs weren’t needed, but the other passengers really appreciated them!

3. Extra blankets & socks: Airplanes are cold and babies like to cuddle. Even though we were headed to a tropical destination, these items helped keep my little traveler snugly.

4. The stroller: I considered not bringing my big, bulky jogging stroller (the only one I have) because I thought the carrier would suffice. Well, it was waaay too hot in Hawaii for a baby strapped to the chest. Even though D doesn’t have great head control yet, we put the car seat insert into the stroller so she could stretch out like in a Rock N’ Play. IT was great! We were able to take careful sunset walks and even wheeled her into dinner with us one night, where she slept soundly despite the live band butchering top 40s hits a few feet from us.

Hawaii was splendid in all it’s tropical tastiness and I so miss living there. Give Merp and I the right job opportunities and we’d be back there tomorrow!

Now that we’re home, I am filled with omg-I-start-work-soon angst. I managed to do some writing while traveling, but am rushing to finish my first draft before 40-hours of my week is filled with projects that actually pay. I’ve also managed to not exercise nearly enough in favor of keeping the house clean and marveling at my baby girl. It is amazing how fast time flies between feeding, changing, and napping a child. If only that burned as many calories as running 5-miles! I am still breast feeding and plan to continue doing so. Maybe that will help me shed these extra 12-15 pounds that cling to my arse, thighs, and belly? I hope so. I also hope that I don’t hate working and being separated from my sweet sweet Daphne delight. As it stands now, I’m not looking forward to leaving her. At all.

Before I share with you some gorgeous Hawaii sunset pics, here’s a link to Daphne Joyce’s very own website. In addition to creating a baby box filled with mementos from her first years, I’ve decided to keep up a virtual baby book. May I introduce you to: Discovering Daphne. Check it out for pictures from her first three months.

And with that, Aloha for now. 🙂

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