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Now that I’m a “Stay-At-Home-Mom,” 85% of the time, it’s easy to think that the days are all mine.  It’s easy to think that after taking care of the baby’s needs, that the remaining hours of a very short day are mine to do with what I’d like.  Write.  Exercise.  Blog.  Contemplate my creativity sitting atop our view porch in the sun.  Redeem an endless supply of blow outs and shopping sprees.  Right.  Especially to that last one.  While we aren’t made of money, we are currently in a position to allow me to stay at home with our infant daughter.  This is such a gift.  One that I don’t plan to squander.  In addition to being a good mom, I’ve decided I also need to work on being a better wife.  It’s true that we’ve fallen into traditional gender roles – him, winning the bread, me, supposedly baking it.  We tried having me work full-time too, but it just didn’t make sense considering what I was bringing in with the cost of child care.  So, here I am.  My new job at home; my new job, THE HOME.  While, Merp, the ole’ man of the house truly expects NOTHING of me in terms of house wifery, I still want to get good at it.  After all, what would you expect of your partner if they stayed home all day, and you didn’t?  A clean house?  Dinner a few nights per week? I mean, right?  It’s only fair to take care of business, while the person working does.

Enter, The Good Wife Project.

As part of my self improvement initiative of 2015, I will chronicle my continued domestication.  Guys, I’m not the world’s best cook, okay?  I may have an eye for home decorating, and know that a cup of tea and a cozy throw go a long way toward making a home feel like one, but I can do more.  I can be better.  I CAN learn to whip up delicious dinners beyond the basics.  I can learn to nourish my man’s body and soul.  It just may take a little practice.

As Merp was leaving for the day I told him about the Good Wife Project and he said, “Sound awesome!  Will you wear sexy outfits while you serve me dinner, too?”

Nice try, husband, nice try.



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