So it turns out that making lobster at home isn’t as difficult as it may sound.

It also turns out that you don’t need lobster crackers to actually eat it either.  A household hammer does just fine.

I may like my stuff to look and taste fancy, but how it got there or how much it cost, doesn’t really matter now does it?

I made the sides (and guys, they were AMAZING! This old dog CAN learn new tricks!) and let my man handle most of the lobster torture.  Luckily the poor little guy wasn’t alive a la Little Mermaid, but I still felt sad for him when it was time to submerge him and his brother in the steaming pot of water.  I felt a little wistful for my vegetarian days, until I remembered how crappy I felt back then…

Anyway, since I’ve started The Good Wife project, I’ve really begun to enjoy cooking (but not cleaning, oh how I HATE the kitchen clean-up).  I’ve long desired ways to make vegetables more palatable beyond sea salt and lemon juice, and guys, can I just say I have found the most DELICIOUS recipes.  On one in particular, I first followed along as instructed, and while delicious, these honey siracha brussel sprouts were too sweet.  The second time I experimented, and they turned out even better!  And the gorgonzola green bean potatoes I made? I can’t even mention them without my mouth watering.  These recipes will be posted on my Credible Feast site when it launches.

Speaking of which, in conjunction with mommying it up over here and finishing my book (I’m so close! 2 chapters left!), I’ve decided to embark on a new “career.” Credible Feast will be a professionally branded blog dedicated to pre-conception, prenatal, and post natal nutrition, exercise, and coaching.  I’ve mentioned it before, but now I’m getting serious. I have been diligently exploring prenatal nutrition certifications, holistic nutrition certificates, and herbal medicine programs.  I’m so excited to share the knowledge I learned throughout my fertility journey, along with the new information I obtain, with aspiring parents and people who just want to know how to be healthier WITHOUT supplements.

Finally, I cannot believe my baby girl is almost 10 months old!  I wrote her 9.5 month update yesterday.  You can read all about how Daphne Joyce is blossoming here.

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