Have you ever believed so strongly that you should do something, say something, or be something that it’s literally all you think about?

That’s how I felt once I decided that yes I absolutely wanted to become a mother.  So when it seemed like I couldn’t, I obsessed.  From morning until night, it’s what I researched, it’s what I wrote about, it’s what I talked and cried about, and it’s how I met many of you.  I was finally sure in my heart that being a mother was something I wanted more than anything, and with that came a fervor to do everything in my power to make it happen. And it finally did.  Every single day I feel so incredibly blessed that Daphne was born.  And every single day I pray for those who are still fighting the battle of never ending doctors appointments and loss and disappointment.  I have moved on to other challenges, but my heart remembers, and my prayers will never forget.

And though I haven’t forgotten the struggle of infertility, my head space has opened unto other things, other challenges.

One such challenge:  My novel.  This is something I’ve been working on for almost four years, and it also stirred in me a similar feeling of determination.  This story had to be told, I felt.  This draft had to be finished.  And I finally did it!  FINALLY.  Draft one is done and now I edit when I’m not working on my newest project, Credible Feast, my red pen thrown in their between the beautiful monotony that is staying home with my child.

Credible Feast hasn’t even launched yet, and it has been keeping me up at night for months.  I go to bed thinking about it.  I wake up thinking about it.  As a result, I’ve poured over Pub Med research studies for days.  I’ve reviewed web layouts.  I’ve invested in professional branding.  I’m going to put myself, and my opinions out there in a way that very simply might piss people off, but hopefully will also make them think, and even reconsider, their supplement use.  It’s a lofty ambition to think my viewpoint will inspire anyone to do things differently, but I am still going to try.

On May 1, Credible Feast will go live.  On May 5, my husband and I will begin Credible Feast’s 90-Day No Supplement Challenge.  Our goal: to make our meals our multivitamin.  Along the way I’ll post what I’ve learned, some of which has culminated into some pretty far reaching theories – I am convinced, based on my research, that fortification and supplement use may be contributing to rises in diabetes and autism rates.  Sounds intense, right?  I’m excited to share what I’ve learned and I’d be honored if you’d support me in my journey.

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Now for the most important thing of all, a little update on Daphne Joyce here if you’re so inclined.

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