When I learned that I was finally pregnant with my daughter, I was too sick and paranoid to continue in studio barre classes. After the nausea became tolerable, I did a few videos – Pure Barre, Ballet Physique, and The Dailey Method – a week, keeping me in touch with the tuck and the barre workouts I love so much.

Then we moved to the suburbs, about 40-minutes outside of Los Angeles.  As far as I could tell there was no barre studio for miles. I was sad, but too wrapped up in prepping for baby, then in new motherhood, to truly mourn the loss of something I didn’t think I had time for anyway.

But with each month, as my postnatal body changed, and as my baby girl blossomed from newborn, to baby, to toddler, I started to realize that I needed something. I needed something for my new body, hips wider, stomach skin looser. I needed something to help me climb up and off the plateau that had become my mommy fitness routine. I needed something for my mind, absorbed with nap time schedules and a few writing projects, endeavors that don’t do much for getting the stay at home mom out of her head. I needed something for me. I needed barre.

It was right around that time that I was wrapping up a play date nearby, that I wandered past a storefront that did not yet have a sign. I peeked inside and saw the most adorable little barre studio! Right in my neighborhood! Class was in session when I ducked in to grab a schedule, but I already knew I was going to love Valencia’s Bella Barre. The chic reception area. The inspiring apparel. The vibe – welcoming and fun. It was love at first visit and I hadn’t even taken a class yet!

That I contacted Laura, the studio’s owner about my blog. What happened next was truly one of the best barre classes I have ever taken. It was challenging, of course, and wonderful to feel the burn that had been missing from my life, but it was the hour just for me, of focusing on my strength, my tuck, and the music, and nothing more, that really did it for me.  I had finally made it back to barre and it felt amazing. Not only that, I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow barre lover who braved the unknown of building a barre brand from scratch! Laura is truly an inspiration. Expect to see and hear more of her (awesome tips and interviews to come) as I rediscover the workout I love most: barre.


Since then I’ve taken a few classes, brought a friend, and now try to make it to Bella Barre as much as I can. It’s only been about a month, but I already feel stronger and happier. It’s hard to leave my daughter, who’s going through that toddler separation anxiety they warn you about. It’s hard to carve out time just for me. But Bella Barre is good for all of us. I get a break for my new body and tired mind. While my daughter learns that an hour away from mommy is an adventure, not a slow form of torture.

Taking my workout outside of the home hasn’t been easy, with factors like childcare and crying to consider, but it’s been totally worth it! Any other new moms out there try Bella Barre and love it? Have tips for getting your toddler used to a new babysitter so making it to class isn’t so traumatic? I’d love to hear from you!

Next up, an interview with Bella Barre founder, Laura, about tips and tricks for moms coming back to barre.

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