Vitamin Cereal 2

The more I learn, the more I believe in Credible Feast’s message!

With so much focus on the evils of Big Pharma, it’s easy to forget that Big Supplement can be just as scary; especially because vitamins and supplements are regulated far less stringently than medicine, and even food. For the last several weeks, I’ve uncovered studies and scientific papers that reveal the potential dangers of synthetic vitamins – exactly what we’re avoiding on the 90-Day No Supplement Challenge – while also dispelling some of the health myths that surround them.

Below you’ll find links to the past 4-weeks of my journey, and research. My family and I have made it 50 days, without supplements, without multivitamins, and without all of the unproven pills, protein powders, and potions that fall under the supplement umbrella! How do I feel now? Great! Healthy! And strong! And unless I’m diagnosed via blood test with a deficiency, I can honestly say I will never take another micro-nutrient or multivitamin again.

Here’s an overview of what we’ve covered in the last 5-weeks:

Vitamin B2: Week-3 featured one of my favorite breakfast recipes and some research that links excess vitamin B2 to prostrate cancer.

Vitamin B3: During Week-4 of the 90-Day No Supplement Challenge I explored the theory that too much supplemental B3 via fortified foods might be responsible for the rising rate of diabetes. Check out my overview of the B3 research and insulin-resistance.

Enriched & Fortified Foods: For Week-5, I diverted my focus from analyzing a specific  micro-nutrient, to take a closer look at just how over-enriched and fortified our world has become. The typical American may be getting toxic amounts of synthetic vitamins by breakfast every day. Before I started paying attention, I certainly was! Read about my pre-Credible Feast breakfasts and the toxic amounts of vitamins I was taking in.

Vitamin B5: During Week-6 I looked into vitamin B5. There was good and bad research available on B5. Turns out it doesn’t give muscles more energy during a workout, but it might improve acne. Got skin problems? Consider eating more avocado as an alternative to supplemental B5. Read my quick, informational post on Vitamin B5.

Vitamin B6: Most recently, I used week-7 to answer a question I’ve always wondered about: Does vitamin B6 REALLY help with pregnancy nausea? I also had the privilege to share an interview regarding the documentary Sweetening The Pill, which addresses the dangers of the birth control pill.

There are 6-weeks left of the 90-Day No Supplement Challenge, and 7 more vitamins to research. I’ve been compiling some fascinating stuff as I go along that I can’t wait to share with you.

As always, thank you for the shares and the support! Together, we can get the message out there that the safest way to get the vitamins we need is, and always will be, from good food!

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