If you subscribe to my other blog, Credible Feast, you’ll know that this week I wrote about something pretty controversial: the safety of prenatal vitamins. I asked “what if?” What if prenatal vitamins aren’t as good for us as we thought they were?

After what I’ve been through with infertility, and what I was willing to do and take during that journey, this post brought up a lot of emotions for me. Reflecting on the teas and supplements and potions I was willing to take to help me make a baby made me think about many of my readers, my sisters, here.  I thought about our desperation. Our desire. Our willingness to do or take ANYTHING if it meant bringing home a baby at the end.  While I still believe that alternative medicine, for example obtaining care and whole certified herbs from a licensed Chinese Medicine doctor, can be helpful in one’s trying to conceive journey, this week’s post is about something that’s not so alternative: prenatal vitamins. It’s generally accepted that they’re safe, even beneficial, but what if they’re really not? What if they’re part of the reason that the western world is just getting sicker and sicker?

In my recent post, I present data about how the supplement industry has grown right alongside the rising rates of autism, diabetes, and allergies. And about potential links between gene and brain changes to too much folic acid, and even prenatal vitamins. Science is only beginning to understand how supplementation and nutrition affect development, and the research is startling! I also talk about how easy it is to get all of the folic acid you need from food. Check it out here.

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