I’m a lover of things. So many many many love-able things. Like that feeling you get when you’re riding down the hill on a bicycle, wind through your hair, no thought, just air. Or the taste of biting into a cold, crisp piece of watermelon on a hot Southern California day (please go away heat, stop torturing us). Or having your back scratched by someone who magically finds the right spot on the first try. I love those things.

But those are loves I could live without if I REALLY had to. These ones, though, make my life worth living, these ones are my loviest loves, these ones help me LIVE.


Because every day they teach me about the truest, purest, most all encompassing love beyond any I could ever imagine. Love bigger and badder and more beautiful than my wildest dreams.


I can’t complain enough about how hard this pregnancy has been. Feeling like you have the flu for months on end is exhausting and depressing. But I’m lucky, it WILL go away. Eventually. I WILL feel good again. And I appreciate how much other’s suffer. Disease. Cancer. Tragic Accidents. So much pain and suffering. For many it never ends. And for many morning sickness may never come and not because they’re just lucky (a nod to my sisters still fighting hard to make/keep/find their take home babies). I may feel sick now, but I AM healthy, that’s definitely something to love. I am healthy and pregnant, with a body that works. A healthy body and mind that let me #Love in the first place.


A true life saving endeavor this blogging stuff. If I absolutely positively had to do without it because a gun was being held to the heads of my whole family, sure, I could pass on blogging, but since that probably will never happen I am free to profess my undying love for the art of blogging and those who blog! Blogging is great and I love it and am so thankful I have fingers that work so I can do it whenever I find time/inspiration/energy.

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