INCONCEIVABLE Cover.jpg (2)Somehow, in the magical way that Twitter is supposed to work, when it’s not cluttered with ads and plugs and bots, I met author Tegan Wren. She and I connected, as sisters in fiction, motherhood, and endometriosis. Having just completed her first book Inconceivable! which debuts in November, I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy to review.

Inconceivable! is the story of Hatty, a budding journalism student who finds herself in a small fictional European country where the royal family is all the rage. By chance she meets Prince John, the family’s most eligible royal, one night while out on the town. Then, by chance yet again, on a journalism assignment, their paths cross a second time. After a slow and tenuous courtship, the two find themselves romantically entangled in the most beautiful way.

But unlike most, this fairy tale doesn’t have a conventional ending, or more precisely, second half of the book. Hatty’s been thrust into a world where her very existence is dependent upon her ability to produce an heir. So when her reproductive dreams don’t go as planned, all sorts of embarrassing and demeaning situations result, ones that many women who have faced infertility can totally understand. Can you imagine if your reproductive failures were splashed across US Weekly? Dealing with infertility in ANY capacity SUCKS, but for Hatty, now a reluctant celebrity, the fan fare is especially difficult.

I enjoyed this book. It managed to remain light and fun, while tackling the difficult subjects of miscarriage, infertility, and family and societal pressures to conceive. It combines a playful  “summer read” tone with something more, a glimpse into the difficult decisions families and women who hunger for children, despite the set backs, are forced to make.

Interested in reading Tegan’s debut novel Inconceivable! pre order it here.

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