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The term self-care kind of makes me cringe.

It makes me think of forgetting to wear deodorant, of unshaven legs, of the harried, chaotic life I’ve been leading lately. In fact, maybe that’s why it gives me the willies, because it’s something I need to work on a whole helluva lot more.

And in actuality, I have started the process toward better self-care.

I’ve begun attending a group of 4-people in my neighborhood, where we meet weekly for the next 8 weeks in the evening to talk about changing the way we think, about how we can manifest better energy in our lives. Sounds “woo woo,” but it’s actually pretty awesome. The woman leading the group is incredible – a gracious, beautiful, practiced teacher on the ways of the energy.

It was SUPER hard for me to leave Daphne with Merp for even a few hours in the evening considering my history, but I’m working through it. My husband is not a pedophile weirdo. Most people aren’t pedophile weirdos. Merp talks me off the ledge every time I’m about to jump off the cliff into a sea of dark thoughts, the times I’m open about them at least. And then the group helps reinforce tools I’m learning to essentially change my outlook on LIFE.

See, some self-care is happening over here already! And I’m MUCH happier as a result. Now to tackle the unshaven legs and chaos…

Next up though, is that even more self-care is going to happen this November, starting now. I will be joining the NanoPoblano movement, which means along with many others I’ll be writing a blog post EVERY SINGLE DAY. And since blogging is a way I take care of myself, I’m calling it a self-care exercise, see? And since I’m already busy editing a novel I’ve taken 4-years to write, NanoWrimo just wasn’t in the cards for me this year.

So brace yourself friends for 30 days of blog posts from me. There will be posts about decorating a vintage Spanish bungalow on a budget (with both time and money restraints), about D, about the baby boy growing inside me, about more self-care, and about whatever the heck is moving me on any given day in November. Are you scared yet?

And now for more questions:

What does the term self-care mean to you? Does it also kind of give you the heeby jeebies? Any motivation to join us crazy pepper people and write a post every day for the month of November? Get into it.

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