There are a few baby products I so wish I had known about before hours of research, and months of mess, led me to them. And with baby numero dos on the way in 21 weeks, I’m starting to think about stocking up, while also beginning the hunt for NEW products I wish I had known about all along.

Here’s four of my favorites, ones I wish I had known about BEFORE I spent so much time and money on things I didn’t love like I love these.

  • Emily’s Skin Soothers Diaper Skin Soother.

diaperskinsootherI originally bought this product after MONTHS of researching ways to quell my baby girl’s acne. From 2 weeks to 4 month old, she had varying degrees of it, sometimes so bad I swore she had a dairy allergy or a hormonal imbalance. And though Emily’s Skin Soothers only provided moderate relief for her acne, it rocked my world for relieving her random newborn diaper rashes.

One night I ran out of what I was using, the typical zinc oxide stuff (I’ve tried most of them: Honest Co., Butt Aid, etc.), and reached for the Emily’s. Its consistency was different, less paste, more balm. And by morning, D’s rash was gone! Completely gone as if it had NEVER happened. I’ve also used it on other weird rashes with great success!

Since then, I’ve ordered about one tub of Emily’s each month. Whenever I run out I use the zinc stuff, which sort of works, but not even close to Emily’s.

Emily’s Skin Soothers is magical unicorn fairy dust for scaly Excema patches and angry diaper rashes. I’m obsessed. It’s truly the best diaper rash solution out there in my opinion.

  •  Oxo Tot Silicone Roll Up Bib

oxo bib

I have this particularly classy and well put together friend whose house is always clean and who’s kids don’t appear to be gigantic pigs like mine is.

One day, I asked her what her secret is.

She replied, with a modest shrug, “It’s just how I am.”

Since it’s just NOT how I am, I started looking around her house for hidden secrets. Surely this woman had a few lurking under rugs and hidden in messy closets. Nope. She really is just organized and tidy and awesome. Love her for being a kick butt career mommy who keeps the kids fed and the house gorgeous. She inspires me.

What I did discover after that convo, was that at dinner time she used these fancy bibs that caught the dropped food and spilled drinks. Genius. Like, why had I been wasting my time on moldy plastic crap with a useless sown on pocket that caught nothing. Gross. Burn them all! And I did.

Then, I Amazon Primed 4 of these babies and haven’t looked back. D is significantly less pig like as a result.

  •  Weleda Calendula Body Lotion

This stuff is heaven in a bottle. It smells amazing. It’s consistency is better than any other baby lotion I’ve tried including the following: Honest Company, Johnson’s and Johnson’s, California Baby, Babyganics, Aveeno, and Mustela. A million times better!

A little goes a long way, 99% of its ingredients are organic, and my daughter likes to huff it it smells that good. I love ALL of Weleda’s stuff, but this particular Weleda lotion is ridiculous.

  •  Mustela Physiobebe No Rinse Cleansing Fluid


This cleansing fluid was another one of my finds during my crusade to cure my baby girl of her hideous newborn acne.

While some swear breast milk alleviates the pimples, I TOTALLY disagree. The more I sprayed my poor baby, the worse her face got. And washing it constantly only made her newborn cheeks raw and dry.

Enter Mustela’s Physiobebe No Rinse Cleansing Fluid.

You pump some on a cotton ball and cleanse away, as if you’re giving baby a little mini facial. The smell took some getting used to for me, but because the product decreased her acne by 25% it was worth it. I stocked each nursing station with a bottle and cotton pads, and that made all the difference in her personal pan sized pizza face.

Since D, now a toddler, still has super sensitive blond person skin, this product is AMAZING for days she’s too tired for a bath or is especially pig like after a meal. I swipe on face and neck and she’s good as new. No rubber ducky bath battles required.

Those are just a few products it took a long time for me to find.I know there are other kid and baby products out there just waiting to make my life easier, cleaner, and better! I just need to find them!

What can’t YOU live without?

I need all the secret stuff you wish someone had told you about sooner. I am hungry for your secret stuff, not to mention ALL of your food. Goodbye morning sickness, hello incessant hunger.

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