I found these adorable owl pajama pants that I just had to have.

First, because my daughter’s spirit animal is the owl (she’s obsessed, and long before that obsession an owl in the neighborhood would keep me up when I was pregnant with her). Second, because my body is changing I thought, “Yay! Elastic Waist! I can wear these around the house and it will be amazing.”


I vastly underestimated the size of my ass, my belly, and my hips. I am no longer a size “medium” apparently.

When I put them on at home (because who has time for bad dressing room lighting? NOT meeeee), I could only laugh. These pajamas bottoms looked more like ill fitting leggings on my current body type. Who buys their regular size when they are 4 months pregnant? Sheesh.

And then Merp tried them on and I laughed some more. Of course, they fit him almost perfectly except for in the length. Ridiculous and perfect. I’m praying he wears them to bed tonight.

Those are man feet, in case you were wondering.

I fear I may be dangerously close to becoming one of those people who walk around with their belly blubber showing AND NOT EVEN REALIZE IT. Because clearly I’m out of touch with how big I really am.

But that’s okay. I will keep eating all the good food I can, for baby boy, and will worry about the state of my behind 6 months from now.

The quest for comfortable pants continues…


A girl sans cute owl pajamas

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