You Inspire Me

Someone once said that a good blog is hard to find, and I tend to agree with that. I’m always on the hunt for blogs that hook me, enchant me, and blogs that keep me coming back for more like a good restaurant. But I’m also looking for blog friendships too, people who support my endeavors just like I support theirs. True virtual friends, if you will.

Now by blog, I’m not talking the “professional” types out there, all glossy and shiny with curated, perfectly crafted content. Those are great. They really are. And I know some of us aspire to be more like them, but today I’m going to list, in honor of NanoPoblano, the ones I love because of the beautiful voices that are them. (Note: most of these blogs are not part of the Pepper Parade, but I just had to list them because I love them so much! I’ll do a separate Pepper devoted post soon).

These not so secret blogs inspire me. They entertain me. They breathe life into my creativity on days I struggle to unite with my own. These blogs, and their authors, have become my virtual best friends in some cases. These blogs, and their authors, have saved me with their comments and their posts. And I’m so thrilled to share them with you if you haven’t yet had the pleasure.

A Cup of Bliss

Because she fills me up with her beautiful words. Because she was there for me through all the challenges to create my daughter and the ones that have come after. She also writes at Tear Drops Falling.

Waiting to Expand

Because she’s an amazing mother, a wonderful virtual friend, and an equally talented writer.

Intrepid Mommy

This is a new one to me, but I am LOVING her Naptime Projects posts. Inspiring! And fun!

A Momma’s Writing Journal

Another new friend, she’s my sister in writer aspirations and appeared on Scary Mommy the same week I did!

Hoping on Hope

She was also there through my fertility struggle and has been my virtual friend since. She shares some of her cultural wisdom with me from time to time. She’s also a blast to follow and I love learning about her Indian heritage!

My Life As A Case Study

She battles chronic health issues, was my sister in fertility struggles, is my friend in real life, and is HILARIOUS, honest, and fun to read. She’s also a doting new mom.

My New Normal

This single mom decided to have a baby on her own at 40. She’s a kick ass mommy and a great writer!

This Mom Hikes

Another friend in real life, she lives on the best island on earth: Oahu! Love her for getting her butt in gear and hiking up gorgeous mountain trails with a toddler on her back.

The Non-mom blogs (kind of sounds like nom nom doesn’t it? Mmmmm)


So talented. So inspiring. So freaking awesome. I enjoy her posts and her message so much. If you aren’t following her, you should be. She spent some time in jail recently and while there her husband passed away. This girl is my hero.

Healing Beyond Survival

Mandy, has recently written a memoir about her experience surviving childhood sexual abuse. I haven’t read her book yet, because I’m not emotionally ready, but I appreciate her and all she’s doing for the cause.


This list is far from exhaustive. There are so many blogs here in bloglandia that I enjoy. In fact, I plan to post more regularly about who and what inspire me!

What about you? Who are your favorite bloggers? What blogs make you laugh? Make you cry? Make you pee your pants they’re so good? Share the wealth, friends! I want all the good blogs in my inbox.

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