We have been dropping some serious cash and time on our Ventura Spanish bungalow.

The mini-remodel is done, but furnishing the place and getting it ready for Air BnB’ers not so much.

I had big plans to hunt for bargains on Craigslist, to take my time to find the “right” pieces. Hahahahaha! Hilarious.

Who has time for that? Seriously? I want to meet them.

House of the Smiling Sun, what we’re calling z the bungalow, is furnished almost entirely from the innards of Target, Home Goods, and Urban Home. We’ll pick a few unique pieces later when we’ve recovered from hemorrhaging money.

Sometimes this seems like a stupid idea – crossing fingers that we can make a second home work financially by hoping people want to stay there when we don’t – but every time we pull into Ventura I remember how much I love it.



Restaurants that aren’t big national chains where everything tastes the same.

Ocean breezes.

But toddler, oh whining toddler, it’s a lot of work.

We’re close. Oh so close. But not quite there yet.

Until then, and until I can show you the fruits of my frenzied shopping and weird pregnancy decorating decisions, here’s a look at my horrifying Target shopping cart from earlier today.


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