I am so freaking excited to announce that our FIRST official Airbnb guest are slated to arrive in two weeks!

House of The Smiling Sun – what we’re calling our Spanish bungalow in midtown Ventura – was REALLY starting to stress us out.

The Target/Homegoods/Lowes runs.

The ridiculous spending. (I went 3k over budget on furnishings because we’ve decided to open the garage studio to guests and we spent WAY more than I’m even comfortable writing on the mini-remodel).

The feet crushing waits to return things (because you can’t know if it’s right until you bring it home and try it) with a grabby and exceedingly verbal toddler who makes ridiculous demands while trying to stand in the shopping card.

The numerous two hour round trip excursions from home to the bungalow and back. Some when I had to pull over to hurl (that happened at least twice).

The time.

The energy.

The uncertainty.

But less than 48-hours after putting up our listing, prematurely I might add because we’re not completely done getting pictures up and appliances installed, we got a request for a 4 night stay at the end of this month! Yay!

I am dying to share the listing with you all, but I want it to be perfect, and it’s not quite there yet. So I’m including a few sample pictures, the fruits of my hard work, because I can’t help myself.


A new smiling sun because the original broke during painting.


The paint job!


The chilling nook in the master. Pillows and picture from Target.

In other news, writing a post everyday for NanoPoblano is soooo much more challenging than I thought it would be.

I have lots to say, I thought. I will be so creative and amazing, I thought. I will rock the month of November, I very naively thought.  I think I’m more of a once or twice per week blogger MAX, unless I have absolutely nothing to do but take care of myself and write, than, well, my daily blogs could be prize winners, but I’m not sure those days will EVER come and that’s okay. My life is full of equal parts love and heartache, menial tasks and big mountains to climb. I’ve been growing a baby, and taking care of one, and cooking and cleaning and driving and decorating and crying so…

Many of the posts you’ve read so far have been from my bed, where I’ve laid there, burning up with pregnancy acid reflux, the glow of my phone highlighting me in UFO blue. In the last 13 days I’ve speckled in a few inspired ones, but most have been from there, moments before I fad to black for the night.

But tonight it’s early-ish. The toddler is asleep. The chores are done-ish. The husband is running out to get us Ventura pizza slices to celebrate our first Airbnb guests (but only if he can find me one without tomato sauce because I STILL have weird food aversions). The house I’m sitting in isn’t the only thing smiling. Maybe we really will be able to make this beach getaway work!

What about you, what are you smiling about? What’s going right for you? But more, importantly, what’s your favorite type of pizza?

xo dudes and dudettes, until tomorrow,

Steph Mignon

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