There are two hungry wolves fighting for food.

The first wolf is goodness, and happiness, and love, and light.

The second wolf is anger, and anxiety, and evil, and darkness.

Which wolf wins?

Well, my friends, it depends on which one you feed.

Right now, I am learning to feed the good wolf.

It wasn’t easy at first, but practice really does make perfect. I took one step out of the sess pool that was my inner dialogue, and then another step, and another, until finally I began to feel clean. I am no longer covered in shit. I smell so much better. I feel so much better. Because I  am CHOOSING to.

So everyday I keep practicing. I’m practicing redirecting my obsessive, negative, self-loathing style thinking toward a new self order. I’m reflecting on the life I intend to lead. The person I intend to be. The family I intend to have. The healing I intend to do. I’m practicing feeding the love and the light.

This all started when I joined a “guru” in my neighborhood’s group called A Walk Within. I was skeptical at first, but our guide isn’t selling anything. She isn’t after more likes on Facebook. More followers on Instagram. She doesn’t even require us to pay for the delicious snacks she provides each session or her very valuable time huddled together in her amazing energy studio that smells like vanilla, that is adorned with objects of energy and significance.

Taking these few hours every week or so to learn about creating better energy in my life has been so amazing for me as a mother, a woman, and a person. I am changing my life one thought at a time.

SO I ask you? Which wolf will you feed?

Will you feed fear of terrorism, cancer, death, and destruction?

Or will you feed the light?

What’s on your mind lately? And how is it helping you shape the life you truly want to live?



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