My mom has this saying hanging in her house:

“Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.”

Today, crowded together with my crazy, imperfect family I’m thankful.

We’ve got broken brains and bad pasts, big bank accounts and no bank accounts at all. We’re black. We’re white. We’re fat. We’re thin. We’re typical Americans who will eat too much today, spend too much next month, and talk about all the problems in the world we can’t fix. There will be snide comments about politics, about other family members, even about the weather. Someone will probably drink too much. Someone will probably get their feelings hurt. And there will be football (gross).

It’ll be a blast in all of its imperfect-ness.

Happy Thanksgiving all of you! In many ways you’re like family. Thank you.

*I have been failing miserably at writing a post every day as November comes to a close. I know nobody’s keeping track, and Thank God, because I’ve missed three times this month. I’m just so tired, ya know?

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