I love blogging.

I love your comments, your feedback, your posts.

I love the way I feel when I write a post I’m particularly proud of, like The Roller Coaster, that will be featured on Scary Mommy 12/13.

I love having a place I can go for inspiration, support, and entertainment.

This little blogging community has been my safe space for years now. Through infertility, the birth for my first child, coming out about my past, and dreaming about my future.

But after completing Nanopoblano 2015, having missed a few posts here and there, it’s time to refocus.

I’ve been working on my novel since 2012. I completed the first draft early this year. I spent most of August and September perfecting the first chapter, then finally read it at a local writer’s group in early October.

Guess what?

They didn’t hate it! The writer people didn’t hate it! In fact, they laughed, they smiled, they kind of liked it a lot. Maybe people WILL actually want to read my story!

Are you ready?


Here’s an excerpt:

Before the car hits me, slamming me into the curb on South Rodeo Drive so hard my teeth feel like they’ve jumped out of my head and then back in again, I was thinking about all the ways my life in Los Angeles would be different if I had money.

By money, I don’t just mean a couple hundred bucks.

I’m talking about life changing, estate buying, pool boy spoiling cash. The kind of private jets and accounts in the Caymans and limited edition Rolexes for your friends on a Wednesday just because you can. The kind of Paris Fashion Week and private chefs and a household staff that sends the dog out for his weekly manicure. That kind of money.

But, I don’t have that kind of money. Not even close. So, as I usually do each morning on this very same death trek to 8-hours of boredom, I went from fantasizing about what I’d name my pool boy, to the on-going list of all the things I hate about being broke. I thought it sucked to be poor out in the sticks of Susanville, California, where I grew up. Well, it sucks a billion times worse to be poor in a city like LA; restaurants and fashion and a better life dangling in front of me like a golden carrot I never seem to reach.

So off I go. From this magical world of muses, into my own.

I’ve got to finish. It’s time. Editing and parenting need all of me right now. Growing another baby needs a little bit too.

I don’t know how long this hiatus will last, since I know you’ll be lost without my posts (hilarious, right?), but I’ll be reading your words whenever I can.

Happy holidays my friends!

With love, respect, and admiration,

Steph Mignon

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