The Roller coaster

“Enjoy it,” the lady behind me in line at Target says, “It goes by so fast.” It’s not the first time I’ve heard this. I’ve also heard, “It’s over before you know it.” “She’ll be a teenager in the...

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Weaning Woes

She looks up at me, her eyes red rimmed and tear filled. I watch as one single tear slides up and over her eyelid and then down her cheek. Once one comes, they’ll keep coming, until her t-shirt is wet and her upper lip shiny with despair, until she folds into my...

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Parenting After: I’m different

I’m different. Odd. Strange. Weird. Not like the rest. The brown egg in a carton of white ones. That’s how child abuse makes you feel, but until Sunday night’s season three finale of Ray Donovan I’d never verbalized it that way. I’d never...

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Goodbye Little Dog

My dearest baby dog, A few moments ago, I pushed the back button and accidentally deleted one of the most heartfelt and tear inducing posts I’ve ever written, inspired by you. I deleted what felt like the perfect post to commemorate your life. In it, I thanked...

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