Mom Hair

The other day I posted a picture of my feet strapped into a pair of new Target sandals.

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A Thank You to My Second Born

Something special happened for me when you were born dear second child. When you were freshly plucked from my insides like a juicy little strawberry and held into the air for me to see, I exhaled all the worry I’d carried with me before that moment. And from...

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Two for the Show

Last week, the light of my life turned two years old. Two! If I wasn’t well acquainted with the tremendous mental, physical, and emotional growth of the last two years for her AND me, I am now. Cradling her baby brother in my arms, while I watch her jump, twirl,...

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Making Peace with The Pitts

With the countdown on to my scheduled c-section, I’ve been thinking, Googling, and crying WAY too much. Until today. I think I’m finally at peace with the status of this pregnancy. I think I’m finally through the darkness, and reaching for the light....

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Sad, but true

The ECV didn’t work, but it wasn’t that painful, so at least there’s that. After two attempts, one to the left and one to the right, my doctor was unable to get baby L’s head past the mid line. He just kept popping right back to the belly...

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